Wilton Strickland

Grew up in Eastern NC.  Enlisted in AF Feb 57.  Maintenance crew chief on B-47E�s at Lincoln AFB, NE, �til OCS in Mar 60.  Commissioned 2Lt, Sep 60.

Sep 60 - Oct 61 Primary/Basic Navigation Training, Harlingen AFB, TX

Oct 61 - Jun 62 Bombing/Navigation Upgrade Training, Mather AFB, CA

Jun 62 Aircrew Survival Training, Stead AFB, NV

Jul 62 - Oct 62 B-52 Combat Crew Training, Castle AFB, CA, and Walker AFB, NM

Oct 62 - 1 Jun 68 B-52G crew navigator and radar navigator/instructor, Robins AFB, GA

Jan 66 - Apr 66 Squadron Officer School, Maxwell AFB, AL

Oct 67 - Offered regular commission - declined; requested release from active duty.

1 Jun 68 Left active duty to earn BS in Civil Engineering at NC State University, Raleigh, NC

15 May 71 Graduated NC State U.; returned to active duty

May 71 - Jul 75 B-52H crew radar navigator/instructor; also unit Standardization/Evaluation Division Flight Evaluator; Wing Navigator, Kincheloe AFB, MI. 

Jul 72 - Dec 72 B-52D crew radar navigator, Guam and U-Tapao, Thailand, flying missions to Vietnam.  Flew several missions to Hanoi during Linebacker II, �The Eleven-Day War,� that persuaded the North Vietnamese to negotiate a settlement ending US involvement in the war.

May 73 earned private pilot license

Jul 75 - Feb 78 Base Civil Engineering Chief of Operations and Maintenance, George AFB, CA

Feb 78 - Feb 79 Director of Engineering, Sondrestrom AB, Greenland

Mar 79 - 31 Oct 81 B-52G crew radar navigator/instructor and Chief, 68th Bomb Wing  Bombing/Navigation Div., Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

31 Oct 81 Retired as Lt. Col. with 22 years active service; (~5,000 hours in B-52D, E, F, G, & H)

Nov 81 - May 01 Self-employed builder, building consultant and home inspector (helped write NC Home Inspector Lic. Law and Standards of Practice)

Alice, my wife of 47 years, and I have three children, Vivian (46), Dwight (43), Brian (41), and two grandchildren, Emmett (12), and Hannah (11).  We�re all very lucky and fortunate to still be in reasonably good health.  Alice and I still live in Goldsboro, NC, where Uncle brought us 25 years ago.  Alice has been Community Arts Council Executive Director for 22+ years.