�Finished reading In The BUFF  Sunday  -  I thought it was great!  It flowed very well, was very intense during your bomb runs and very amusing when describing some of your antics.  You write very well.  The book will be a prized part of my library - thank you.�     Joe O. 

�Your book brought back a lot of memories.  I found it fun to read and also interesting.  It is great that you took the time and effort to write and publish it, and give credit to fighting men and women who deserve it--politics be damned.  Thank you.�     Don W.

�Wilton, I am enjoying your book so much and appreciate it more than I can say. As a hard (amateur, of course) critic of composition, etc., you have a delightful way of expressing yourself.  I love the insight into your sensitive and caring personality, which comes through over and over.  I have cried with you at the memorial in Washington.  What a terrible waste of life!!!  Thank you!�     Janet H.

�Finished your wonderful book - couldn�t put it down!  �Visiting The Wall� Actually brought tears to my eyes.  You are truly gifted, and I only wish that I could write like that.  I stand at attention and salute you, my friend.�     Ron C.

�I was surprised to open the mail box today and find this large bubble-wrap envelope to me from Goldsboro, NC  -  compliments of Don W.  I almost cried when I opened it to view this book, In The BUFF, by Wilton Strickland.  I know I will spend hours reading it and be able to reminisce about my 6,000 hours in that thing.  And what a wonderful legacy for my son (retired AF) and my two grandsons!  They will be able to understand some of what I experienced.  I�m so glad someone was wise enough to not let this part of history die with those who served.  I can not thank you enough, Don!  What a wonderful 70th birthday present!�     Scotty

"Reading In The BUFF was painful, but somehow so poignant and strong. You did a great service to all of us to give the lead-up to how it all happened.  I felt the drama and fear and yet, the peace that you shared.  Thank you."     Widow of a deceased comrade.