A  NAVY  MEDICAL  CORPSMAN�S  JOURNEY  is the story of my brother, Jerry Linwood Strickland, HMC, USN (Ret), as he told it to me during the spring and summer of 2001. 

Jerry, a farm boy from Eastern North Carolina, enlisted in the US Navy in October 1939, at 18 and joined the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV8) a few days before it was commissioned in Oct 1941.  Jerry and the Hornet were involved in several major operations and/or battles in the Pacific during 1942, including the Doolittle raid on Tokyo in April and the Battles of The Coral Sea, Midway and Santa Cruz �til the ship was sunk by the Japanese in October 1942.  Jerry describes his life aboard the ship during these battles, including his actions during the final day of the Hornet to treat many wounded, bury the dead and transfer wounded shipmates to rescue ships before abandoning the ship late in the day to be rescued himself. 

He continued to serve with distinction during the rest of the war as Chief Medical Officer aboard a navy salvage vessel off the East Coast of South America.  After the war and �til his retirement in 1959, he served as Chief of X-ray departments and medical equipment maintenance at several major navy hospitals.

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